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  • Fish Stories

    News from the field from users of Rtistic Lures

    Lure customer Doug Kinard of Warrington, PA  reports on his surf fishing adventure, using Rich’s first ever Firetiger Popper lure:

    Caught off the surf on Martha’s Vineyard at east beach. 24 inch bluefish with spin gear !!!!!!!!!! It was weighted perfectly for what I was fishing for. He bent one of the treble hooks and I bent it back. No damage to the paint job which was a blessing.

    Note from Rich: the treble hook was a 3X #1 hook, which tells me two things.  First, that was a mighty feisty Bluefish, and second,  also a mighty sturdy lure!  Congratulations, Doug, we are sending you a free lure for your good work.